The International High School

Creative Piece Reflection

Music has played an important role in my life, especially in those moments when I was sad. Music for me is a friend who talks to me when I feel lonely and when I am sad it helps me relieve. Most of the time when I was sad or unhappy, listening to music was making me cry because of the words, but in the same time, it helped me calm down.

I have a little talent in singing music. In Romania, our music teacher in 6th grade chose people from around the school to make a chorus. She chose only the people that she thought were good musicians. She chose the people by listening to them singing. I was one of the people she chose for the chorus. At that time I had a nicer voice than I do now but I still have some of my qualities. The only time I remember singing in Romania is at the end of 4th grade when the music teacher asked me individually to sing a song. I sang a beautiful song about children by a pretty famous Romanian singer who died. She died when I was about six years of age, and because I loved her music and I felt very bad about the fact that she died, I chose to sing that song of hers.

In the United States, the only time I sang was here at the International High School, at the Holiday Shows and the Talent Show. I sang at the Holiday Shows in December, 2002, and 2003. I chose a song by Eros Ramazotti. The reason I chose his song was the fact that he is very popular in South America and since the school is mostly populated by South Americans, I knew they will like the song, and they did. The song was in Italian since Eros is Italian. He also sings in Spanish.

At the Talent Show in May 2003, I sang two songs. One of the songs was by Andrea Bochelli, one of my favorite singers. The other song was a Romanian song by Marcel Pavel, a new singer in Romania. I chose his song because he has a similar voice to Bochelliís and his music is beautiful.

Singing for me is a pleasure and very relaxing. At the Talent Show I tried something that I never did before. I sang with my eyes closed. For me that experience was wonderful. I felt more relaxed than when I keep my eyes opened, and I felt like I was becoming part of the song. I felt like I was experiencing everything that the song was saying.